So much of Crossfit is nutrition, which is why this lifestyle is so difficult. I fell off the wagon. For most of May, I was eating a lot of sugar. It was stress or boredom or ... something. But a funny thing happened. So a couple weeks ago, we did the workout Cindy, which is a pretty grueling workout (20 minutes of pull-ups, push-ups, and squatting). The next day I ran a 5K. Then a rest day. Then the Filthy Fifty, which I completed (not quite RX, but I'm getting there). I can't believe I completed it. Yes, there was a time limit, but I was close enough and I kept going. Anyway, the next day was the first day of Crossfit Endurance, and I had to run another 5K. I got a horrible time (for me) - it was 1:30 slower than my 5K earlier that week. My knee hurt. I was mad at myself. My calves were super sore. So I had every intention of going back to Crossfit later that week (taking some rest first, of course). But I was sitting in my office on Friday and I just felt awful. I felt like allergies were coming on and I could barely keep my eyes open, even after taking something. I went home and drank a cup of coffee, and I slept all afternoon. I guess I needed it.

But then I slept in on Saturday. I didn't go to Crossfit Saturday morning. I never sleep in unintentionally. It was like my body had just had it. I still ate poorly on Saturday (we went to a casino, which had a buffet), but then decided that I needed to get back on track, both with workouts and with eating. I just didn't want my body to feel awful anymore.

So I've cut the artificial sugar and gluten. I'm definitely not full-on paleo, but I'm certainly better than I was earlier this month. I've done some tough workouts and I'm going back tomorrow. As much as it irritates the hell out of me, there's something to this nutrition thing.

There was an article on Crossfit Journal this week about a study done about emotional fitness and Crossfit. It was a small study - done in one gym. The participants were supposed to stick to the diet and workout regimen for 7 weeks. That's a long time. The ones who finished certainly scored higher on their emotional scales, but I'm more interested in the ones who didn't finish. What made them go back? Was it keeping up with workouts? I doubt that. I think people can be pretty consistent when they're having fun and seeing results. But the eating part - I'm guessing that's where they fell off the wagon. Eating is, for many of us, emotional. It shouldn't be, but it is. So what can Crossfit do about that?



I have a few things to say about LOST and I think I have more readers here than elsewhere, so this post is going to be about LOST

I was OK with the finale. It wasn't perfect, by any means. But the ending was moving and Vincent was OK, so it was fine with me. I've kept up with LOST on Slate with writers who were mixed about the final season. The page I link to suggests the final season without the flash-sideways. We didn't really need it. It wasn't really real anyway. If all it was doing was leading to this final purgatory thing, I don't know if it was worth it. I like the message at the end - that in order to get out of limbo, we have to let go (boy, do I know that lesson) - but was it the best way to get there? Instead, the writers could have focused on the island story, which was actually pretty good (aside from the temple people). But instead they chose to show everyone meeting each other in an alternate reality. I'm not sold.

My biggest disappointment from this season was their abandonment of Walt's story. I get it. The kid grew up. He went from this:
to this:

While all of the other castaways looked the same. I get it. But he was special. He was important. They made that very clear in the first 3 seasons. Then they just gave up. His dog was more important - Vincent made it into the last scene! They're creative people, but it didn't seem that way this last season.

I made a prediction a few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to come up with the worst possible ending. Frank would crawl up from the ocean, they'd all get on the plane and crash into another island. Well, the last part didn't happen, but really? Really LOST? I know we didn't technically see Frank die, but we did see him get hit by a big metal door on a submarine that was going underwater. Frank doesn't have any special powers. He's just Frank. And they did it. They flew the plane away. What's Richard supposed to do in the real world? Miles has his Nikki and Paolo diamonds, so he's OK, but Richard's like 150 years old. I'm not happy that Kate lived either, but whatev.

I'm not angry with the writers/producers, but I want more. I expect something better. Can we have a do-over? I'd like to rewrite season 6. I'll keep a lot of what they offered - there really was a lot of good stuff there - but I'm not going to cop out. I'll give it a real ending, not with answers, but with redemption. 

And despite my ranting, I actually did appreciate the finale, but the more I think about it, the more I change my mind. It has changed each day. That's probably what the producers wanted anyway.




In Crossfit, we strive to get better. Lift heavier weights. Do more reps. Run faster. I realized this weekend that on many levels, I have plateaued. In January, I was able to deadlift 195 lbs. Once. Not since. In February, I ran a 5K in 29 minutes. I've come within 30 seconds since then, but haven't beat it yet. I've been about 5 pounds away from my goal weight for ... how long? There's a reason I don't have a scale in the house.

I have made improvements. I know this. I'm able to use a red band instead of a blue band for pull-ups. I cleaned 80 pounds. I haven't had a meltdown in a while. But I feel like I'm stuck. I want to get faster...and stronger...and lighter. Am I really putting the effort into it?

My nutrition has been questionable lately. I still struggle with sugar. I just can't make the commitment to cut it out of my life.

I'm sure there are other factors too. Maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough. Maybe I'm not running as fast as I can because I don't know how fast I can run. I don't know. But getting better matters to me. Maybe I need to set some new goals and actually work towards them.

Crossfit Endurance starts this week. Someone either read my mind or my blog and saw that I needed help if I'm going to run a half-marathon in September. On Sunday, I ran a 5K - Bark in the Park - a fundraiser for Greenhill Humane Society. My team raised $450. We ran the race in 29:30. Definitely not a record, but it's hard to run fast when you're dodging dogs. Always an excuse.

Kate ran a few steps ahead of me the whole time. Next time, I'll beat her.



I bought some new shoes a few weeks ago.

They're not the kind of shoes I normally buy. I won't even get near those socks with the toes. They just look stupid. But these are shoes that many crossfitters wear. They help you keep your weight in your heels, which you are supposed to do when you squat and lift weights. I have trouble with that. I've worn them a few times. They look a little silly, but not at Crossfit. You get mad respect when you show up wearing these. It's funny because the brochure shows people running around on trails and climbing up mountains wearing these shoes. I don't want to get them dirty. 

They're also supposed to help with running. When we relearn to run, we learn that the front half of the foot should strike, not the heel. (try running barefoot on a sidewalk) That's hard to get used to. Running shoes have taught us that cushioning is good and their shoes will help us run faster. In reality, when you strike with your heel you're causing ankle and knee problems. I know I'm not much of a runner, but someday I hope I can keep up with the good ones. I even signed up for the Eugene Women's Half Marathon in September. I'm going to be regretting it in August. God help me.

The funny thing about wearing these shoes is that other shoes feel so heavy now. The nice 'running' shoes I have are pretty light, but recently I put on an older pair when I took my dog out.

They felt huge. It was like, 'Why do I have all this stuff around my feet? I don't need it!' I don't need these shoes dragging me down! I can do that myself!