I bought some new shoes a few weeks ago.

They're not the kind of shoes I normally buy. I won't even get near those socks with the toes. They just look stupid. But these are shoes that many crossfitters wear. They help you keep your weight in your heels, which you are supposed to do when you squat and lift weights. I have trouble with that. I've worn them a few times. They look a little silly, but not at Crossfit. You get mad respect when you show up wearing these. It's funny because the brochure shows people running around on trails and climbing up mountains wearing these shoes. I don't want to get them dirty. 

They're also supposed to help with running. When we relearn to run, we learn that the front half of the foot should strike, not the heel. (try running barefoot on a sidewalk) That's hard to get used to. Running shoes have taught us that cushioning is good and their shoes will help us run faster. In reality, when you strike with your heel you're causing ankle and knee problems. I know I'm not much of a runner, but someday I hope I can keep up with the good ones. I even signed up for the Eugene Women's Half Marathon in September. I'm going to be regretting it in August. God help me.

The funny thing about wearing these shoes is that other shoes feel so heavy now. The nice 'running' shoes I have are pretty light, but recently I put on an older pair when I took my dog out.

They felt huge. It was like, 'Why do I have all this stuff around my feet? I don't need it!' I don't need these shoes dragging me down! I can do that myself!

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