Zombie Apocalypse

I keep seeing my friends post updates saying that they're going to lose weight - they're going to exercise and get back into shape. I'll be honest with you - I have a hard time believing any of them. It's not that I don't believe that my friends can do it, but I've been there, and you actually have to DO it.

For many people, exercising is one more thing they have to try to fit into the day instead of something that should be part of their day, like sleeping and eating. Exercise isn't a choice - it's a basic element of survival. Tired after a day of work? Many people will choose to zone out on the couch. What's the better choice? Do something physically challenging or at least take a damn walk.

The way we live has made it very easy for us to be complacent. But is that how YOU want to live? The word 'life' insinuates some kind of movement or energy, but YOU have to exert that energy. YOU have to make it happen.

Here's the deal - if there's a zombie apocalypse, do you really want to be 'that guy' who can't walk fast enough to get away from a zombie? Because zombies don't move very fast. If you don't include exercise as part of your day and you have trouble walking around the block, all of us crossfitters will have made it to our safe place with our weapons and energy. (I think a kettlebell would be a good weapon in this situation) You can be a zombie for all I care. Not me, fatty. We can't let them win.

**edited to add that I did not see Mark's Primal Apple post yesterday about Primal Preparations for the Post Apocalypse. That is a weird coincidence. But hey, stock up!


Emilee said...

this post reminds me of how i felt watching
wall-e. i'm pretty sure wall-e did crossfit...he just kept on going and going--no being gobbled up by a zombie for him.
what a stud!

daisy said...

Your post resonates with me. I see myself in what you describe, and I don't like it. In my defense, though... I don't see myself as being lazy... I just see all the work I have to do as overwhelming and paralyzing. So I am going to try breaking my overall goal into several smaller ones. I am going home to visit my sister in TX in about 3 weeks. I am going to do for this trip what I did for San Francisco. Walk daily, trail or treadmill, my daughter's out of school as of today, so I am going to incorporate her as my workout/walking buddy.

Toward that end, I got up and took a damn walk today. Tomorrow I will take another. I don't want to be eaten by zombies, that's for sure! ;)

My sister has a pool (an actual in ground real deal pool), and treadmills and hilly country roads. I will swim, walk, run, etc. while I'm gone.

I'm done being lazy. I am waking up my fitness blog.

Thanks for the head check. I was getting there anyway, but it helped. <3