Power Hour

Last Thursday I had to grade papers. This was the most important thing I had to do on Thursday. When I have to do something, it's much easier to do other things I don't like, such as housework. But I thought of something ingenious. I set the timer on the over for one hour. I sat down and graded - I didn't look at the clock the whole time. When that hour was done, I saw that I got a lot done and I was pretty happy with myself. I called up my friend who was coming over for lunch and told her to come over in about an hour. Then I cleaned up the place - for an hour. Wow! What a concept - finishing a task in an allotted time! 

But this is so normal to me! Crossfit takes one hour (aside from travel and getting dress and showering - OK, Crossfit takes a couple hours). Generally we get there, warm up for a while, work on skills, and do the workout. Sometimes the workout is shorter and so we take more time warming up. Sometimes the workout is long (like I know today's will be) and we don't have a lot of time for skills or warm up. But it takes an hour. This hour is so important to me. I don't do anything else. I'm not grading or cleaning or watching Mad Men - I'm spending that hour becoming even more awesome. Really, what else would I be doing?

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