Self Talk

Yesterday while I was coaching, one of my favorite athletes asked me what I tell myself in the middle of a workout. This is a good question since I've been telling myself a lot of stuff lately just to keep going. I posted this over two years ago (wow!), which details my thought process during a workout. My mindset hasn't changed much. I don't listen to an ipod when I run; I generally let myself think and feel and be in the moment. But this is a sampling of what I tell myself when I need to keep going.

"You've done this before. You'll do this again."
"That ball won't pick itself up."
"I never walk during a run. I'm not going to start now."
"Of course I want to stop. I always want to stop. But I can't. I'll keep going until I can't go anymore."
"I am SO HUNGRY." (this is usually during a metcon after we've lifted heavy stuff)
"Should I take my shirt off? It's hot. I don't want it to look like I'm taking my shirt off for the sake of taking it off, but it really is hot."
"Pick up the bar."
"Pick up the ball."
"Run faster."
"Shit. I'm not going to set a PR. But I can't quit. I'll keep working until I can't."
"I don't care if my hand just tore. I have to finish these pull-ups."
"I can do this."
"If that person can do this, I can do it." (I try not to resort to this.)
"I can't get a PR if I stop."
"I can't get a DNF by my name."
"This feeling will go away." 
"I hate running. But I'm here and I have to."

Feel free to add anything that works for you. I know I have a tendency to drown out other people and/or music and focus on my own thoughts (unless the song is really bad, then that's all I can think of). Basically, don't quit. I'm not a quitter.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday my thoughts were don't quit, who cares just quit, why did I come today I knew it was going to suck, don't quit, I hate everyone and crossfit, don't quit, I hate Robin she won't let me quit and she made me RX this stupid workout, next time I see Cheryl I'm going to punch her, but the most dominant thought in my head was don't let Robin down and because of that I didn't quit and I finished the WOD. So I guess my point is self talk is good but to me having a great coach who I respect and want to make proud is the most important tool to have in Crossfit.

Brandy K

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April said...

I usually look at the clock and decide to make my self feel as exhausted as possible in the next [x] minutes left. I hear a lot of "It's not like you're going to die or anything" in my head, too.

Sometimes just shutting my mind off and DOING it helps ("pick up the bar"), sometimes thinking about technique works better ("arms are tired from thrusters? Use your legs more, dork.")

Being secretly competitive with other people in the class also helps :>

I miss this : (