Coaching and Learning

I started coaching at Eugene CrossFit about a year ago. I have coached over 250 classes in that year. Even though I haven't been coaching much lately, I do love it for many reasons.

I might not seem like your typical CrossFit coach. I'm not the best athlete, but I try real hard! I teach. I write. I'm kind of an introvert (sometimes). But I love CrossFit and I loved what it did for me mentally and physically. And I knew I could connect with people in some way. And I wanted a big challenge in my life. I wanted to do something completely different. So I got my Level 1 Cert and stepped right in.

I knew the best way to learn was to just do. So I started as quickly as possible. My first class I coached was a shopping list 20 minute AMRAP. The athletes had to pick a piece of paper off the table and do whatever exercise was on the back. I had Val, Holly, and Carly in that class. I was so nervous, even though they were totally amazing. I remember worrying that someone kept choosing push-ups and they should do something else. We learn.

And even though I was nervous for a while, I signed up to coach as many classes as I could, because I knew I would get better. I have loved getting to know the different athletes, especially at different times of the day. I love figuring out how to scale. I love seeing people move up in weights, or run faster, or use a lighter band for pull-ups, or reach any goal. I love celebrating my athletes' successes.

I'm reminded every day that I have so much to learn. But I also have a lot to teach and coach. I like how some people describe me as quiet, but they know I'm watching, and that scares them. A quiet intensity, I guess. I love getting new people into the box and teaching them something I learned so long ago.

CrossFit is a process. It doesn't get easier. We add more weight. We move faster. We learn more. I'm forever grateful to my Eugene CrossFit family :)

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Harrow said...

That was a really fun first class, Robin! Glad I got to be in it :)