Keep Moving Forward

Yesterday, I spent my morning helping out with the Eugene Marathon. We set up a cheering section behind ECF and watched the very first to the very last runner pass by our station. We were set up just before Mile 19. I can't even fathom getting to Mile 19 on my feet. It's beyond my realm.

In addition to cheering, I ran with a friend who decided to run her first and only marathon. I ran from mile 19 to 23 with her. I've known her for years; she started CrossFit before me. She is athletic and determined. She's also a wonderful friend. When she arrived at our station, I knew something was wrong. She stopped to stretch for a few seconds. We started our slow jog and she stopped again. Her calves were seizing up. And she still had 7 miles to go. I sensed her frustration and stuck with her as we made our way through these difficult miles. Keep moving forward, I would say. Her time was slower than she wanted, but she finished. She finished a freakin' marathon.

She kept thanking me for being there for her. For me, it wasn't even an option. Of course I was going to run those miles with her. I can't even wrap my mind around finishing a marathon. And my friends have been there for me through the worst. They've seen me at my worst. Whatever I can do is the least I can do.

Our cheering section wrote on the bike path 'One Step At A Time.' As the last marathon runners/walkers made their way through, an old man emphasized and said these words. It's all we can do really. We can have big goals and big dreams, but there's only one way to get there. Keep moving forward, one step at a time.

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