On Heartbreak and Staying the Course

Hello friends,

Last time I checked in, I was embarking on the nutrition challenge. For the first week, I cut out gluten (no problem). In the second week, I cut out sugar and alcohol (OK, this is a challenge). During the third week I cut out dairy. And last, legumes. I've done the Whole 30 before, so this wasn't a complete shock to my system. What I wanted to do was take control of a big area in my life, which I have successfully done.

So starting last week, we're allowed two cheat meals per week. This is where you have to be deliberate and intentional. I was hoping I could do this during baseball play-offs. My Tigers were already in the ALCS. Great! But I also knew I had a big party coming up (the 18th) and I also planned a dinner out with someone I adore (Monday night). So my cheat meals were taken up last week. But, instead of eating sugary, heavy things and drinking by myself watching baseball, I shared that time with friends and didn't overdo it. So that sounds like success on my part. 

So for my second week with cheat meals, I wanted to plan one tonight during Game 7. I wanted to get Cafe Yumm takeout and drink some hard ciders while watching my Tigers. But last night, the heartbreak happened.

My team, who I follow religiously, squandered their best chance at winning a World Series. 

They haven't been quite right for a while. The best hitter in baseball, Miguel Cabrera, has been playing injured since August. His power has been gone. Our starting pitching has been beyond excellent, phenomenal actually, but they can't do everything. 

It was actually a very close series, closer than it looked. If a few calls had been made differently, if some catches had been made, if some hits had gone a little farther, the outcome would be different.

But it's not.

The thing about baseball is that it's such a long season. 162 games. This team had all of the expectations riding on them the whole year. They were supposed to win. But when it came down to it, it just couldn't happen this year.

I may have had tears in my eyes as I listened to the final broadcast of the year of the Tiger's announcers. I may have felt true heartbreak for a team that I love so much. I just didn't want the season to be over yet.

But there's always next year. 

And in that year, I hope that we find some more dependable relief pitching. I hope we find a good hitter and player in left field. I hope Prince Fielder finds a good sports psychologist so he can work his shit out. And I hope the core of the team remains the same, because they are one of the most exciting teams in baseball.

And me, I'm sticking to the challenge. A lot of people have been shocked that I've been able to keep up with it, but I'm not.  I've been more deliberate in my food choices, although I'm aware of the mistakes I make (too many tortilla chips, not enough veggies). Savor my cheat meals and go for the good stuff. And just keep moving forward. It's all we can do.

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