Food from Home

I've managed to find one of my favorite Michigan foods that I did not expect to find out here - the Pasty. That's with a soft 'a' - not the other kind of pasty. Basically a pasty is meat and potatoes in a crust. Many miners in Michigan's Upper Peninsula ate pasties because they're easy to carry and they're substantial food. Unfortunately in my world, pasties are not paleo. But I have found a new pasty shop in Eugene - Cousin Jack's Pasty Company. I bought a couple today - I couldn't resist. The good thing about their pasties is that they're about half the size of the ones I used to eat in Michigan and they're made with local ingredients. I'm not going to feel that bad about eating them - they're delicious. I won't eat them every night, but they'll be a good treat once in a while. I haven't been this excited since I found Diet Vernor's in Market of Choice.

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