Quitters Never Win

Recently on Project Runway, a bright young designer abruptly left the show - very close to the finals - because she felt she wasn't ready and couldn't handle it. The other contestants thought she was crazy. She had a great chance of making it to Bryant Park. She may have been a lot younger than the rest. She might have needed to work on her perspective. Maybe she couldn't deal with the stress. She had a lot of excuses. And she quit.

During every workout, no matter what workout we're doing, there comes a time when I feel I can't finish. This usually comes within the first few minutes of the WOD. My legs can't run. I can't do another pull-up. I'm tired. I tell myself a lot of things while I keep doing the WOD. But I finish. Of course I finish. Quitting isn't an option.

Maybe that self-doubt is my past reminding me of what I used to be. I'd get bored and quit, or I wouldn't go in the first place. I have a feeling that little voice will always be there. But there's another voice - a voice that's louder, a voice that tells me, "5 more minutes and this will be done. Just get through it," or "I can take as much time as I need to do these last few pull-ups, but I will finish them."

I listen to that voice now.


Jen Maguire said...

Let me just get out of the way that I totally agree with your post. The more important thing is this: Do you think Jay was robbed?? Mila makes boring clothes that are well crafted. Who cares? Go Seth Aaron!

Foxygen said...

Jay was the sweetest guy I've seen on Runway since Andrae. Mila's clothes were ugly. Tim was right when he called them matronly. What a disappointing episode.