The Uniform

The bad ass Crossfit women's uniform - sports bra, short shorts, and knee highs
This picture was taken from today's main site post. This is the ideal for many of us Crossfit ladies. 

  1. She's confident enough to wear that
  2. She looks amazing
  3. She's doing pull-ups, which make her look even more amazing!
The women in our box don't wear this kind of outfit. It's mostly old t-shirts, yoga pants, nike capris, or whatever didn't smell really bad. I would like to change this. I would like to make Eugene Crossfit more bad ass. BUT I'm not confident enough to wear something like this - YET. 

First, you have to own it. Not just own the clothes themselves, as in buy them and put them in your dresser, but feel good wearing them. I like wearing costumes and I often go all out. But if I'm going to wear something like this, I can't feel like it's a costume. It's just what I threw on to go work the hell out.

Second, and most important, is that I don't want to show up looking like this:

Nobody wants to see this
I love Britney, but this was kind of a train wreck. I know, I know, most of us would look worse than this in this outfit. But we're not up there onstage at the VMAs, are we?

Why is this coming up now? I have a gift certificate from Lululemon coming in the mail. I could get more capris. Or I could get something ...new. And maybe if I start dressing the part, I'll start acting the part. Could I RX more workouts in short shorts? Is this really a mental thing?

Britney could do some Crossfit. She'd show up in the right outfit. Me, I'm getting there.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I was wearing that outfit from the beginning, even when I weighed 150. Did you ever do Crossfit in 110 degrees? It wasn't confidence; it was overheating :P Come down to Tucson and you too will be perfectly happy to run down the street in a sports bra and tiny spandex shorts.

Seriously, though, it is 100% about confidence. If you think you can wear it, you can. You will look badass by virtue of acting badass.

Although I don't think the outfit helps my performance.

Emilee said...

do you think daring each other would cause us to do it? part of me thinks...if i am willing to sing (if you can call it that) in front of all the gym folk...maybe i am more like britney than i thought :) ha ha! honestly, i want to get the confidence to wear outfits like this but i'm more focused on getting a muscle up. i think if i can ever achieve that...i won't care what i'm wearing :)

Harrow said...

I think I have a better torso than Britney. The legs though... still working on that. I stopped wearing anything above the knee a while back. But Crossfit might just change that. Who knows!

JeffreyShockley said...

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