My mind has been occupied with reading and assessing and planning as of late. Of course, I still make it into the workouts - it's the best way to avoid doing what needs to be done!

I'm talking about flash fiction today in my last lit class. If anyone's interested in reading a fantastic little story, read this one. Yes, this proves that I don't just read about box jumps and sports bras and whether or not wine is paleo.


April said...

thanks for the link! loved hearing the dog's thoughts ("The cries are a lot like the sound of her squeaker toy and Beebop lets out a world-weary sigh.")

I don't know if it's short enough, but I had fun reading this story a couple weeks ago : )

Harrow said...

Great story! Do you know Stefanie? She studied with my husband Bruce (who also writes flash fiction). Here's a link where you can read some of his stories http://www.shortshortshort.com/

Foxygen said...

I don't know her ... I just came across the story. Small world! Thanks for the link!