I've been thinking a lot lately about truth and living an honest life. As a writer, I know the best writing (and the best comedy) comes from telling the truth, as difficult as that can be. Ideally, our life will be better if we live it honestly.

Yesterday we did Fight Gone Bad. Terrible workout for me. I'm bad at wall balls, box jumps, and rowing. Yeah, tough workout. I start on wall balls and I'm counting in my head. I'm up to 12. My partner, who's counting, says 6. 6?!?!! I yell at her. She gets scared and says I'm not reaching the green line. I keep going.

I yell sometimes.* I apologize. I'm never angry at the other person (unless they're in my way and they should know better). I'm angry at myself. Of course I only had 6 reps. I wasn't reaching the line. She kept me honest.

After doing CrossFit for a while, many of us think we should be RXing everything. We get frustrated when we're not making progress. We need to be honest with ourselves. 

*If we have an injury, don't aggravate it. Scale the workout so you don't injure yourself even more!
*If you're not making progress, push yourself to do something that will slow down your time - lift heavier weights, move up in pull-up bands, force yourself to do double unders. Get a slower time once in a while by challenging yourself!
*Be honest with what you eat and how it affects your performance. Seriously. It's a bigger factor than I'd like to admit.
*Practice your weakness. It won't go away. The only way to improve is to practice, which will mean failing every once in a while.
*Give yourself a break. You don't have to PR every time. It's just a workout, right?
*Stop making excuses! Yes, I'm short, which makes wall balls a little more challenging. I'm also (almost) 33 and starting to realize that I'll never be 5'6". I just need to toughen up, get stronger, and jump a little higher.

Honesty is not easy. If it was, we'd live in a very different world. But it does lead to a better life. And maybe some PRs.

*Maybe I should have been an actress. People tend to believe I'm truly upset with them.

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