The Whole 30

I've heard rumors of a nutrition challenge coming up in our box. Normally, I would not do it. Normally, I eat what I wanna eat. But, I'm going to do this one. Why?

Honestly, I kinda feel like a heifer lately. 

Before you say anything, I know that I'm not a heifer. I know I don't look like a heifer. But I do feel like a heifer. And it's time for me to start making some progress in the box. So, I'm committing myself to the Whole 30.


Here's what I like about it:

  • It's strict. It's not messing around. I like that. I need that. I'm not a 'moderation' kind of gal.
  • It's whole food. Whole food is generally better than processed food.
  • Other people will be doing this too.
  • I need the discipline.

Here's what I don't like about it:

  • There's a huge section on what I can't eat. (Don't tell me what I can't do!!!)
  • I can't eat a lot of what I've been eating.
  • I can't eat ice cream.

It's been a stressful summer for me. At times, I've been great with my eating. OK, there haven't been too many of these times. I need to lay off the booze for a while. And honestly, I need to challenge myself.

Here's what I'm most interested in finding out:

  • Will my skin clear up? I hope so, because it's been a disaster this summer.
  • Will I set some strength PRs? I hope so, because it's time.
  • Will I break? I never stick to eating plans. Never!!! When I try, it's all I think about until I go to the freezer and get the aforementioned ice cream.


  • This will start next week. I need to move again in the next few weeks. Moving = stress and trying to find convenient food. Be prepared!!!
  • I have like 5 bottles of wine in my fridge. Am I supposed to drink these within the next week? What about all the other crap in my kitchen?
  • I will be ornery! Like, super ornery. Deal with it!
  • No Luna Protein Bars. Have you had these? They're like candy bars, but better (I think). 
  • Seriously, no ice cream?

I may need to think about this again.

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