Snatch It Like It's Hot...Or How Not to Get A Lot of Weight Overhead

My hopes of showing off my double under skills were obliterated when CrossFit HQ announced WOD 12.2 - a snatch ladder. Just snatches for 10 minutes, increasing in weight every 30 reps. After some initial grumbling, I understood the WOD. Most can get through 30 reps. Those with some strength can get between 31-60. Those with both strength and skill will get the most reps.

For women, this meant starting out at 45lbs, then moving up to 75 for the second part. That was my previous 1 rep max. So I walked in not knowing what to expect. My goal was 40 reps. I got through my first 30. Then it got ugly.

Yeah, my back is hurting.
I failed trying to get 75lbs up. And I failed another 3 times. I swore loudly. I didn't want this to happen. I didn't want people watching me fail for 5 minutes. And I don't quite know how it happened, but I finally got that weight overhead. And I did it the way we really shouldn't - I managed to get it up to head-level then press it up. Ugh. It was nasty. I finished with 48 reps.

And one of my favorite athletes said I was smiling the whole time. Of course I was. It was RIDICULOUS! There were a few rules about what we couldn't do, but otherwise, just get it from the ground to overhead in "one" motion. I was also smiling because I exceeded my goal - I was pretty happy with my score. But some stupid instinct in me told me I could get 60 reps. So I waited a couple days, then I went at it again.

So I came in on Sunday, ready to get 60 reps. After my first 30, I had 7:30 to complete it. That is such a huge jump in weight. It really is. I ended up with 53, 5 better than the first time, and I was completely happy with that. 

And I could care less how I compare to other people. I know a lot of women in the box got 60 reps and that's awesome. I just didn't have it in me this time. 75lbs was my one rep max - now it's my 23 rep max.

We also saw some amazing determination (SISU!) by our athletes. One woman, Annie, got the 60 reps on Thursday and new she could get to the next level if she focused. She showed up on Saturday, got through the 60, then loaded the bar. A crowd formed. She attempted to snatch 100lb. - failed. Tried again, failed. And suddenly, something clicked. She got that weight overhead, and everyone was so happy. And she did it three more times. That's a true CrossFitter. That's what the Open is all about. Nice work, Annie!

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