The hardest workout this week for me was Elizabeth. I wanted to do well because it's my middle name (stupid reason). I just could not get those dips. They were totally slowing me down. My friend Sara's birthday was Thursday, and she invited all of her friends to Adam's Sustainable Table. I did not drink and I did not eat anything I wasn't supposed to. It wasn't easy. Adam's is great about their food, but it seemed like most of the dishes had something I couldn't eat. I think I ended up with the halibut and veggies, which was good, but I know some people ordered some really great food. Next time. Right now, I'm on a mission. This week was fairly eventful. It was stressful at work because of a big meeting on Friday (which ended up working out). Josh's dad was visiting. It was the hottest week ever. Josh's birthday was Saturday. And I had to fly out on Sunday for a conference in Phoenix. And my boss told me that she was leaving. It was all a bit much, especially since my flight from Eugene was delayed and I missed my connection in SF and didn't make it to Phoenix until Monday morning. Gah! Stress is fine. Stress is OK. Stress happens.

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