A Few Thoughts After Three Months

  • I got really, really tired of eggs after the first month. I would hard-boil them and then put them in salads or snack on them. They're easy. But they're boring. I was surprised that my cholesterol wasn't a problem in my last blood tests because it was so high a couple years ago.
  • I can't seem to recruit anybody. I'd be a terrible community organizer! It's hard to describe it without it sounding like a cult.
  • But it is cult-like in many ways. So many ways...
  • I have two six-month goals: Body-weight pull-ups and running a 10K. Totally doable.
  • If anybody wants to run the Turkey Stuffer 5K with me on Thanksgiving morning, let me know. Josh will be out of town and I don't want to run it alone.
  • I kind of feel bad when other people talk about their gyms because it all seems so silly to me now. Different things work for different people - I know. But I'm as typical 30-something American woman as you can get (sans kids). And I'm from the Midwest - I'm lazy! I've tried gyms and mindlessly worked out on the elliptical machines - but I don't want to be mindless anymore.
  • It's OK for you to be a priority.
  • I need to start writing more. Not this, not work, but my real writing. I'm a cross fitter - I can do anything - right?
  • Fresh oatmeal cookies sound really good right now. Mmmm....

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