I Can Carry a 60 Pound Sandbag on My Back

But I can't do a handstand. Not yet. I never did gymnastics as a kid. Well, I did in gym class, but I wasn't very good at it. I just don't know how to move my body that way. Now, it's really bothering me. I know I just need to do it once and then I'll get it, but for now I'm frustrated. It's a definite goal to work towards. It seems so simple. I just need to get over this mental block.
My stomach is upset. I've been snacking today - good snacks, but still snacks. I just finished the last couple bites of a dark chocolate bar that my sister got me for Christmas. So that's gone. Yesterday at the store I loaded up on nuts, salad, some meat, some veggies ... there had to be other things. It was a really expensive shopping trip. But they were all good foods- organic foods- and I'm ready to get back into this. I wouldn't mind losing about 10 more pounds and I know I can do it. I just need to commit to it. And I need to do the work that goes along with it, which means preparing my food.
This upcoming week gets me back into a routine. I know I'll do Crossfit at least 4 times - 5 if I can manage. This morning was my first time back in a week and a half and I felt it. In teams, we did mountain climbers, squats, and burpees, with an 800m run with sandbag (see above) thrown in the middle. The last few burpees were making my stomach feel a bit queasy, but I made it through. I always do. No pukies yet!

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