I came back from Regionals pretty inspired. I saw some seriously amazing athletic performances and attitude last weekend. So I decided to hit it hard this week and try to get in top shape so I can make it on the team next year.

Here's what I didn't do this week:
  • I didn't eat the cake sitting out all week at work. On Monday, it was a huge sheet cake. Then it sat in the fridge, decreasing as the week progressed. I did not have any cake.
  • I didn't have any chocolate-covered espresso bean/almonds/whatever they were at a theatre meeting on Tuesday. I was working out right after, and although they looked delicious, I did not snack on them.
  • I did not eat the $3 lunch I asked about at the espresso stand near work. She said that she'd have biscuits & gravy and baked potatoes. Even though it was cold out and it sounded warm and comforting and cheap, I did not buy the $3 lunch.
  • I did not work out 5 days in a row, even though I wanted to.
  • I did not take an ice bath after that awful lunge workout, although I probably should have.
  • I did not go to the new frozen yogurt place over by Crossfit .... because it's not open yet.
Here's what I did do this week:
  • I tried my hardest on Monday. Not many women can get ring dips, but I'm close. I also really worked at getting all the toes to bar.
  • I started the 100 day GHD sit-up challenge and push-up challenge. I'm pretty confident about the push-up challenge. I don't know how far I'll make it with the GHDs. I don't really want to mess around with those. I'll be lucky if I make it to day 30.
  • But I did do 81 AbMat sit-ups in 2 minutes.
  • I rounded my back on my 185lb. and 195lb. deadlifts. I know I need to work on these.
  • I kicked butt on this short AMRAP with a sprint and increasing squats and double unders.
  • I did 4 hard days of working out (I'm including tomorrow's because I always show up). It hurts to sit and stand today and I think tomorrow will be really, really difficult.
  • I bought a sandwich for lunch today. I'm sorry. I like bread sometimes. I'm not perfect!
All around not bad, but not Games athlete material. I'm working on it.

  • Work on lifting form. I'm strong enough to lift more weight. I'm just scared.
  • Keep an eating log for a week. I don't like being that honest when it comes to food. I eat a lot - and it's not all good. I'd like to weigh in the 120s and I'm close. Real close. I need to be more mindful of my eating.
  • Recovery - take it seriously! This hurts!

Moves to work on (and consistently work on them a couple times a week):
Ring dips
Handstand push-ups
24" box jumps
GHD sit-ups

Yep, the Rocky theme is playing in my head right now. Too bad it hurts to move.


Emilee said...

go get 'em tiger!

i hear ya---i have soo many goals and need to remember,one day at a time. bit by bit of doing amraps, and rounds for time, oh and let's not forget...one of the coolest parts...lifting heavy shit :)

think we need to have some specialized clinics to really go over some of the moves and their progressions. sometimes i am intimidated by the move so much simply b/c i don't know if i am doing the beginning stages correctly.

anyway, you rock-like always! oh and i am already excited for your birthday...have something really cool for you :)

April said...

I can't wait to cheer you on at the games next year!! Your determination is so inspiring : )