Lady Power Playlist

Let's say you have a tough 20 minute workout ahead of you (like a Fight Gone Bad or a Filthy Fifty*). You're also in a class with a bunch of ladies. You're tired of the "Daddy-didn't-love-me" metal the coach has been playing. This will get you through it.

Robyn "Hang With Me" 
This is probably the best song ever. Swedes named Robin are awesome. And Swedes named Robyn who make killer dance music are probably even more awesome. This will put you in a great mood for the impending pain.

3,2,1 Go!
Ke$ha - Blow
Ke$ha's a hot mess, but she can make some pretty great dance music. This video has unicorns and rainbows and James Van der Beek, just like my favorite workout shirt .... almost.

Pink - U + Ur Hand
I used to listen to this when I did Body Combat. If you feel like kicking ass, this will work.

Christina Aguilera - Fighter
If this doesn't make you feel stronger and work harder, you're not listening.

David Guetta with Akon - Sexy Bitch
I want to get a Crossfit shirt that says Damn Girl! on the back.

Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady
Just to remind you of one of the reasons you're putting yourself through this.

Rihanna - Only Girl in the World
It's OK to sing along.

Gabriella Cilmi - On a Mission
Total girl power. The video is pure cheese and awesomely bad. But I think I lifted more weight when it played today. And you should be finishing up at this point, so enjoy it.

Cool Down
Britney Spears - Till the World Ends
By now you probably want to go out dancing anyway. Listen to this on the way there.

Now let's destroy this workout, ladies!!!

*OK, it takes me over a half hour to do the Filthy Fifty.


Dragon said...

That Ke$ha video makes NO SENSE! But who cares? Dance music isn't about brains.

April said...

so I was working on job stuff and decided to take a little break by checking to see if I had any new blog posts to read.

20 minutes and an epical dance-party-for-one later, I thank you : )