Game On!

What's more exciting than refreshing a web page, waiting for workout scores of athletes you don't know to be uploaded and seeing who makes it to the Crossfit Games this summer? Actually going to the Regionals next weekend (June 10-12. And there's a hot tub in the hotel!). Yep, that's more exciting. (and a great excuse for a Thelma & Louise type road trip. Maybe not exactly like Thelma & Louise. We'll be in a Civic. And we're not that angry. And I don't think we'll run into Brad Pitt.)

I guess I'm finally over my disappointment of not making it to Regionals this year. I'm sure it was the muscle-ups or the overhead squats or the 110 lb. squat cleans or the chest to bar pull-ups or the terrible nutrition or the realization that I'm not really in any league with these people. OK. Anyway, I'm still GOING to Regionals. I think I've even volunteered for some of the time. AND I do know some amazing, awesome athletes who are competing and ......WINNING!

I'll of course be cheering on Cheryl Brost, who's like my workout buddy (not really. We don't workout at the same time, unfortunately.) She did a really good job of taping up my hands last week after I tore them up. Oh, and she was in the Games last year and finished 13. She's pretty super awesome.

I'll also be cheering on Kendall Burnham, who's also super awesome. She's so buff and strong ... and one of the nicest people ever. She's not at our box anymore, but I still have some mad love for her.

And of course, I'll cheer on my team from Eugene Crossfit. I did a lot of the Games WODs with the team that's going and I couldn't work out with more supportive people. How awesome would it be to see them at the Games in Cali?

So Crossfit's not a real sport right? It's not like I'm going to the World Series, right? (The Tigers could still make it, right?) Why would anyone pay to watch someone else work out? 


Gabe said...

If curling is in the Olympics then Crossfit is a sport.

Crystal said...

It is going to be a blast! I am honored to be Thelma to your Louise, or Louise to your Thelma...can we shoot out some trucker's tires on the way? Yes, I just might be that angry.

April said...

I wish I could go so badly!!

Emilee said...
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Emilee said...

Thelma & Louise- I love it!

Looking forward to cheering everyone on!

Don't forget, you RX awesome daily!