This is Such a Bad Idea

Seriously, do you realize how bad I eat? I know the Whole 30 is coming up. I know I've gained weight. I know what I'm going to have to do and how angry I'll be during this challenge. Knowing this, you know what I did yesterday after the workout? I went to get groceries ... when I was hungry. And guess what was on sale ... with coupons sitting in front of them?
You don't know how bad my willpower is. It's non-existent. I'm doing challenge for good reasons - to challenge myself, to feel better, yada, yada, yada...., but it will be tough. But most things worth doing are difficult, right?

The old blog has been revived - Eat Like You Mean It - as a support system, since we're not alone. I will be calling people for help with this. If I have your number, you'll hear from me. And I won't be happy.


Emilee said...

i wanted to post a picture of a giant plate of nachos, or me surfing on a tortilla chip through an ocean of cream cheese and salsa...OR me doing a keg stand...just b/c I feel kind of down today and it reminds me of college...there were a few keg stands in college. anyway, you can call me anytime. i have done the challenge for 3 months before...if i can do it...you can do it...i will warn you though...emotions you never knew you had may appear. that said, you may actually find yourself breaking up with Ben & Jerry after all is said and done ;)

Blackburn and Company said...


I am completely stressing out about it too and had to have a date with Cafe Yumm this afternoon. I feel like I am saying goodbye to all of my friends, not to mention what my chosen profession is - yikes! I will message you my phone number because i think we may be chatting often...but we can do it!

Crystal said...

I am seriously considering doing this challenge despite my resistance to rigid diets and love of all things dairy. I have been so frustrated with my shoulder, and if eating this way for a month might reduce inflammation and help it heal, maybe that will be incentive enough. but i am going to have a hard time and may be calling you as well! the rest of my family won't eat like this, and I do the shopping and most of the cooking. maybe we can do some round robin (get it, robin) dinners at each other's houses to make eating this way more fun and sample other people's ways of eating clean.