My Week of Not Eating Sugar

Or...My Five Days of Not Eating Sugar
I tried. I really did. And by sugar, I mean processed sugar (more specifically, the miniature candy bars in my bosses candy jar). I tried cutting it out completely and I did not do it. Am I upset about it? Absolutely not.(To be clear, I did not get in the candy jar) Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and sunny and the wineries were calling. It's more of a shame not to go to the wineries when it's that nice out. And today, I really had no excuse, other than I had already had sugar and I might as well go to Off-the-Waffle since it's in my neighborhood. It was delicious.
I struggle with the idea of this whole paleo diet. I understand the principals - eat what the cavemen eat, which means meats, veggies, nuts, and some fruit. This is entirely doable. BUT, there are some delicious foods in the world and it would be a shame not to eat them. The cavemen might not have eaten cheese, but they would if they had the selection that Market of Choice has. I don't eat a lot of cheese, and I certainly don't eat Velveeta, but I want to be able to try a nice gouda once in a while. There's nothing wrong with that.
Instead of this whole paleo thing, I support the French eating style. French people don't eat the processed crap that Americans eat. They eat real food. When I was there this summer, I'd pick up a delicious sandwich from a vendor on the street and it was perfect. I don't eat a lot of bread these days but I don't want to say no when I see it.
So on Friday I also had a sandwich. I hadn't had a sandwich in a while. But it was delicious. And I feel if I'm going to 'cheat,' then it better be good. It had chicken, bacon, cheese, and whatever other delicious stuff the Beer Stein puts in their sandwiches. Yum!
I'm not going to beat myself up over having some cheese or some wine or some chocolate. These are some of my favorite things and if I'm going to work so hard physically, why not enjoy the things I love?

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Clay Givens said...

I agree... the strict paleo diet is not life friendly. You choose between extreme fitness on one hand, and a life of fun with extreme fitness on the other. I choose the latter myself. Who can give up the good things in life if we don't over indulge?