Don't Call It a Comeback

I did 100 pull-ups today. I was supposed to do more. Oops.

That happened around rep 86. Those last 14 pull-ups really, really hurt. But I had to do them. I mean, you don't get to rep 86 and quit because your hands hurt. (And thanks Zac for cleaning the blood off the bar. I know that was gross and I was trying to be tough but that would have really, really hurt.) I was supposed to do 100 kb swings, 100 double unders, and 100 overhead squats after that (who thinks of these workouts?). Not so much. I was done for the day. Total DNF. And now my hands kind of feel like claws, but I'm trying to keep them stretched out. Ugh. Gross.

High Five?
Then I realized that I'd have to take a rest day tomorrow because there isn't much I can do with my hands. I hate rest days! But seriously, what can I do without grabbing anything? 
Box Jumps
Shoot. I guess I'll have to wait and see the workout.

Today was my second day back after a week off. OK, I didn't take the whole week off. I took some friends to Crossfit Defined in Chicago, which was pretty rad. I'd join right away if I didn't live so far away :) He put us through a lot of warm-up, with double unders, bear crawls, and partner pulls, and skill work in Turkish Get-Ups. One of my friends almost had a pukie after all that warm-up! Then we did tabata rows, box jumps, ring rows, wall balls, ab mat sit ups, and jumping lunges. I got a little excited during my box jumps and did this:

Which actually doesn't look that bad. (But it will stay there forever. Stupid junky blood.) But I did fall over the box and managed to get back up and get another jump in. That was my workout for the week.

I drank a lot this past week, which I will not do again for quite a while. It was just one of those weekends. But still, when I drink, I feel I have something to prove. At a party, I took some people across the street and showed them some pull-ups on a playground. I challenged a 300 pound man to some arm wrestling. I've made better choices. I generally feel like I have something to prove when it comes to all this. My friend, who I visited and has known me for 20+ years, says she hasn't seen me like this before. I think it's a good thing.

I also ate a lot of cupcakes this weekend. And pizza. And sandwiches. And lemon cake. And cheesecake.

I could continue.

And I'm over it...I think. It felt terrible and my body doesn't like that anymore. But still, as I stood in line at Rite Aid tonight, I was tempted to get a Twix bar. So tempted. But I didn't. Not tonight. But it sounds so good...

Anyway, this is me in Lake Michigan, my favorite body of water. My next goal - how to get taller. Seriously, how do I do that?
52 degrees - Us Swedes can handle anything.


Gabe said...

You get taller via the Brady method of hanging from the swing set.

Dragon said...

Compression of the spine causes you to lose about 1 inch in potential height. A yoga program with a focus on decompressing the spine can help you regain that inch. Try lots of inversions, maintain proper posture at all times, and just generally visualize your head moving away from your shoulders and your lower back moving away from your hips.

The fastest way to get that inch back is to spend a few days in zero gravity, of course.

Emilee said...

that workout was awful! i feel for you. i've had both hands tear like that before and it is horrible!!!!

you are a SUPER trooper for finishing those last 14. Looking forward to hearing more about Crossfit Defined :)
Glad to see your face again

April said...

jeeeeez, woman! Those first two photos made my stomach hurt. I hope that your hand heals fast : (

& I can't believe you're doing so many pullups now! So inspiring!