Bitchfest 2011

Sometimes, and this may come as a shock, I'm not all sunshine and unicorns. I was just not feeling it today.

First, my whole day was thrown off because I was supposed to help my friend move a couch and I decided to go to Crossfit later than usual so I'd just go to my friend's after. I don't like going later. It was packed. There were 16 people there. That's terrible. That's way too many people for a workout like this or any workout really. Ugh.

So it was raining. WTF? I thought it was supposed to be nice today. Nice! It was windy and rainy and cold and awful. How do people live here? So I get to Crossfit and check my phone. Couch moving is cancelled! Rain! Booo!!! I could have gone earlier anyway.

Then I watch the 4:30 class do the WOD and it just looks awful. Ring rows and bench presses and back squats and a lot of them and heavy. I seriously considered leaving. I never leave. But I thought about it. Then Jeremy said that ring rows would help me get a chest to bar pull-up. Fine. I'll stay and work out with 15 other people.


I did walk the 6K with my wonderful friend after the WOD and although it was cold and a little rainy, at least I wasn't sitting on the couch pouting. I was out in the world pouting.

So not all workouts are wonderful, but I will do them. I will even go back to the advanced class tomorrow because that was fun. And I'll even move that couch after. And next week, I'm getting the heck out of Dodge and I need it. Man, do I need it. It better not be raining in Chicago.

I also hope that Cougar Town is funny tonight because I could use the laugh.


April said...

Our friends are so lucky that we crossfit... couch-moving for everyone!

(except they might get a little confused when we make them yell "3, 2, 1, GO!" and then insist on moving it back inside and repeating five times.)

Jeremy said...

no worries, we are working on changing things next week to make those evening classes smaller.

Foxygen said...

It's only happened a couple times to me, Jeremy, and it was just an equipment issue. And I was in a bad mood. I'll stick to my regular classes :)