I have been told by other Crossfitters how impressed they are with my consistency in working out. This is true. I am, if anything, consistent. I could go at different times during the day, but I don't. I could go on Saturdays, but I don't. But I do go 4-5 times a week, mostly in the afternoon (except Sundays). I have been doing this for ...since about September. I haven't really been sick or injured in that time period. Even when I wasn't feeling well for a few days this Spring, I still showed up. Yes, Crossfit is my major hobby now. I like it. I read about it. I watch videos sometimes. I like reading other people's stories. This blog keeps me writing (although I have so many other ideas). But for the next week, I'll stop being consistent.

Yes, I'm actually taking a break.* I'm taking a short vacation - a much-needed vacation. I'm going to see people I love and I'm going to take a mental break from Crossfit. How does this matter in my Crossfit world?

I've kinda sucked lately, to be honest.

Sure, I made pretty big gains this winter into spring. But the past few weeks have been rough. I was super-bitchy on Wednesday. Friday we did this workout where the first move is overhead squats. I totally dropped the weight on the third rep and while everyone else was moving onto the next move, I was on my 6th rep out of 20 and I decided to do 35lbs instead of 55. Total fail. Then I ran a 5K on Sunday and  I don't know ...I just didn't feel good. My stomach was all weird and I couldn't breathe right. I didn't get a good time and I know I don't always have to get a good time, but sometimes I wonder what's the point? Then we had this horrible 'hold a 15 lb. weight while you do everything' workout today that I just despise. And I got another bad time. I need a break.

I also weighed myself before the WOD today and although I've been eating terrible lately, it was the lowest number I've seen in a long time. 131. I don't feel strong right now. I would like to be in the 120s and feel really strong, but that's going to take some work.

So I will stop working out, at least until Monday afternoon. Then the persistence starts. Oh, and I've decided to be responsible for once in my life and save up after I start working again and get my Level One Cert. If I can teach writing, I can teach this, right?

*OK, I know, I might go to a Crossfit in Chicago, but just once, I swear!

**Just adding that I did 56 double unders in a row today during warm-up. That was awesomesauce! Oh, and I'll totally pack the jump rope.


Harrow said...

Hey Robin, I've been thinking of Level One Cert as a new goal too... once I have some more skills down, maybe some time this summer? Would be fun to do this together.

Sounds like you need some REST days. Enjoy them!

April said...

You & Holly would make awesome coaches!!

Enjoy your break : )

Clay said...

Sometimes, a break is what you need. Other times, a change in routine, or a tweak of some other sort helps. I saw you after both of the above mentioned exercise bouts... Knowing you, I could tell you were not happy with your performance, (besides, you also told me). Just remember, its a marathon, not a sprint. You're still awesome. Way to "listen to your body" by taking a break. You are probably in the process of avoiding an injury right now. Have fun! Also... if you can swing it, the CrossFit level 1 course I'll be attending is still open on June 4th-5th in Portland.

Katy said...

Exactly what Clay said... sometimes your body is telling you something that you need to listen to. A break will be good for the body, mind, and soul. Also, change it up a little! I've started attending the 5am class once or twice a week because work is getting crazier for me. It's been fun and challenging working with different coaches and people. I also think goal setting is important. I know you mentioned that you wanted to run another half-marathon again. Sign up for one, or do a mini-triathalon. Find something that looks fun and get a group of friends to train and do it with. Emilee is a great resource for this. She's always running some crazy and fun race somewhere!

P.S. You would make an awesome coach! :)

Emilee said...

amen to all of the above! i have been feeling frustrated lately...like i am stuck in one gear...can't go faster...sometimes i go a little slower. good for you for taking some much needed time off. have some fun and give your body some much needed chicago style tlc :)

you-holly-clay--- all would make awesome coaches. go for it!!!!