I'm able to laugh at myself, which is a good thing, especially when I see pictures of myself looking ridiculous. After a certain point in Crossfit (probably after your second WOD), you realize that you're not going to look good doing anything there (some people do, but not many) and you just get over it. I brought my 13 year old niece to a WOD last spring and she was mortified. Yes, we look silly. We're used to it.

I know - Flying Monkey. Yes, my niece liked this picture.
So on Saturday, the lovely April showed up with her camera and took some pictures of us doing thrusters and pull-ups! Great! Actually, it was pretty awesome, and so is she, but I noticed something that is apparent in the above picture too...

Didn't get this chest-to-bar. Shocking.

Didn't get this one either.

But I can at least lift the weight. Wait - what am I doing with my mouth?

I even do it while I'm judging!
My sisters, my mom, and I all do the same thing with our mouths. And I've made fun of my sister Jessie before but as is apparent here, I do the exact same thing. When we're thinking hard, it shows. I was just thinking too hard about those pull-ups. And judging. And everything. But that's OK.
It's a good thing I can laugh about those pull-ups. Oh, it's a good thing.

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April said...

I didn't notice you were doing that in all those photos!

Love that last one : )